JSI Series Sing Phase String Inverter


JSI Series Single Phase String Inverter

Typical Efficiency Curve

JSI-3000TL JSI-3600TL

JSI-1500TL JSI-2000TL JSI-2500TL

High performance string inverters

- From 1.5KW to 6.0KW

- Wide PV input voltage range

- Rapid MPPT tracking technology

- Superior PV energy harvest

- Transformerless design with higher operation efficiency

- Excellent thermal performance

- High overload capability under most ambient conditions

Easy and affordable to install

- Lightweight and compact size

- Includes a lightweight portable bracket simplifying installation

- Firm IP65 inverter enclosure allows outdoor application

Full data display and communications

- LCD display energy data

- Bright LED indicators imply system status at a glance

- PC software for remote monitoring and system trouble shooting

- Integrated RS232 serial communications

Cost advantages

- Transformerless design cutting down the cost

- Light weight and small dimension, reducing shipping cost

- Low maintenance expense

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